3D Services

3D Printing

We are the only print bureau in New Zealand with a full colour production grade 3D printer – the Projet 660Pro.

Printing at a resolution of 100 microns, and boasting a 24bit colour, the Projet 660Pro is setting the industry standard for full colour visual prototyping. 

3D Scanning

Scanning in three dimensions is similar to taking a series of overlapping photographs, then stitching them together to create accurate 3D models.

The capture process is faster than ever before, and models can be generated for a range of different applications. 

From high resolution archival capture to web-friendly content for your online store-front we have you covered.

Capture almost anything with our ultraHD scanners. From family heirlooms through to the new product you need to promote through your website, get in touch through 3d@inkdigital.co.nz for a free quote.

* For the technically minded people out there, we can send you the 3D geometry and UV texture coordinates so you can open them up in your 3D modelling program of choice.

Come talk to us about Ink's latest 3D printing and scanning services! 

For general 3D enquiries;

Hands on display at the Wellington Museum

Working with Wellington Museum and Te Mahi, we captured a high resolution 3D scan of Hei paraoa (pendant, c.1890) carved by Jacob Heberley.

After digitally enlarging the model we printed a plaster positive. This model then got picked up by the team at Te Mahi who prepared it for display. 

Te Mahi cast the plaster positive using polyurethane to ensure even the most inquisitive of fingers would cause no damage.

*Images kindly reproduced with permission of the Wellington Museum