Contour-cut stickers

If you’re printing a square metre or more of stickers on our machines, you can use the contour-cutter to automatically cut all the stickers out for you.

All you need to do is provide a vector that dictates how the stickers are to be cut, set it to be a spot colour called ‘CutContour’ (note the capitalisation).

Here’s the step by step (which assumes you’re using Adobe Illustrator):

1. Open your file that’s to be cut out.

2. Create the new swatch.

3. In this case we want to click ‘new swatch’, set the name to ‘CutContour’, and set it to spot colour. The colour doesn’t matter, as it’s going to be a line that’s followed by a knife rather than printed, but we like to set it to magenta so it stands out on-screen. Click okay!

4. Draw your shape, and set the stroke to the new colour!

Note that the cut doesn't have to be any specific shape, and that you probably want the line inside your bleed so you don’t get white edges.