How long do prints last?

We're often asked about the archival quality of our prints, particularly for photographic work and things which might be kept for a long time.


We use Kodak photographic paper in our printers for any archival image use. This paper is the same base stock as that traditionally used in large format photographic printers, such as Lambda printers. It has a slightly different surface coating to suit the inkjet output, but the same qualities regarding archivability.

In archival conditions (dark storage, and temperature-controlled) our Kodak paper is rated to last 100+ years.


The ink we use in our inkjet is some of the latest technology from HP. In archival conditions (out of direct sunlight, and temperature-controlled) it's rated to last up to 200 years.

The actual longevity (structural integrity, and colour fade) of any printed document is directly affected by the amount of exposure to light, moisture, and ambient temperature it gets. The inkjet prints we provide on our Kodak paper do qualify under traditional ‘archival grade’ guidelines. If stored in a correct archival fashion our inkjet prints will last over 100 years.